ByProxy -- Sisters, Monique and Tiffney Tezino, founded ByProxy in the summer of 2009. Born out of their own need to find designer and well-designed shoes and accessories at a fraction of the cost, the sisters embarked on a journey that would take them from a small eBay store with a handful of items to their own multi-platform e-commerce business.

The Vision -- We've always loved fashion and accessories, but more importantly, our passion is helping others step out of their comfort zone and find their own personal and vibrant style; one that compliments their spirit, unique beauty, AND budget. As young girls growing up in Houston, Texas, our mom, a seamstress, and dad, an educator and entrepreneur, taught us the value of hard work and great design. Coming from the professional worlds of medicine and law, we wanted to offer a service to women like us - the busy professional without a lot of time to haggle and search for the best deals while they run the world.

We have plans to expand the line to clothing and other beauty products in the near future, but will maintain the same focus. We will offer a fun, simple experience to the fabulous (but busy) boss and professional fashionista looking for the most stylish and chic fashion and beauty products. We will search and design for you, by proxy, so that you can always put your best fashion foot forward without breaking the bank.

With love from our fabulous blogazine closet to yours,
Monique & Tiffney